Our Sustainability

We pride ourselves on being an unconventional swimwear brand and here is why...

Conventional swimwear which is made from new plastic textiles, such as nylon, polyester and Lycra. With around 65 million tons of plastic-based materials being generated every year. A further issue arises when considering the disposal of this swimwear as it will never decompose. Instead, it sits in landfills or oceans forever, adding to the estimated 350,000 tonnes of clothing that annually head straight to UK landfill. 

In Capri Swim works in every way to change this way of working to create a more positive impact on the environment and the people involved but without compromising style and quality. We believe all women wearing In Capri Swim should feel beautiful, confident & proud about their commitment to supporting our beautiful planet. 

Please see below to learn more about our processes, manufacturer, supply chain and packaging.

Our Processes

All of our processes in order to produce our beautiful swimwear considers both the planet and people at all times. As you may already know, it was taken nearly a year to create our first collection, as we never wanted to compromise on the things that are important to us.


We created our supply chain to balance having the highest quality materials with a low carbon footprint. All of our suppliers are based in Europe so that they are as close to our manufacturer as possible. We quickly became members of Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce. All of the freight from suppliers across Europe is also carbon offset using this programme. 


In the industry a great amount of waste comes from the sampling process. We put a lot of work in up-front with our design and technical details. This ensures that our that our samples come back with minimal amendments to perfectly sculpt the body and provide outstanding quality. Our aim is for absolutely no products to be sent to landfill, we therefore strive for all of our customers to love their swimwear for as long as possible (if not forever)!

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