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Article: Bikini Choices: Capri Swimwear vs. Other Brands

Bikini Choices: Capri Swimwear vs. Other Brands

A simple black bandeau bikini from two different brands may look the same when shopping online, however there are some key differences that makes Capri Swimwear stand out from the crowd. 

  • All of our swimwear is made with sustainable fabric made from fishing nets and plastic waste. This is vs. many other brands whose swimwear is made with Nylon, from a non-renewable resource (oil). Doing this fabric swap supports the reduction of  man made plastic waste in the oceans as it is estimated that up to 40% of ocean plastic is nylon. Our recycled fabric is made from Econyl, which has the same high quality, durability and stretch as conventional nylon so the fabric being recycled has no impact on quality.
  • We are so proud to state that all of our models the products they are wearing are un-airbrushed to show how the item truly fits and support body positivity. This is vs. a shocking amount of brands that are still very obviously airbrushing their models and products. At Capri Swimwear we are so passionate about being honest about how things really look and feel on the body so we do not support airbrushing. 
  • Every single Capri product is ethically made in London with full supply chain transparency. This means that we can source the products right back to the fishing nets that are pulled from the ocean. This is vs. many other brands that are unable to even fully know where their fabrics come from. This means that with Capri products we can assure you that they are sustainably and ethically made. 

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