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Article: Does fabric really make a difference to swimwear?

Does fabric really make a difference to swimwear?

At Capri Swimwear we have recently been speaking a lot about swimwear fabrics and what to look for to know that you are buying high-quality pieces that will feel amazing. It's easy to believe that all swimwear is made from the same fabrics but there are many differences that will affect the fit and comfort.

Elastane is the stretch within the fabric and this is vital for your swimwear to move with your body and not restrict your figure or movement. Depending on the fabric type, this can range from 10-30% but as long as it's in there you'll most definitely see and feel the difference.

Polyester is a no-no. This fibre feels quite harsh and rigid compared to polyamide/nylon. When you think of buttery soft swimwear, you're thinking of polyamide/nylon. It can be so easy to not notice this but it will make a significantly affect the comfort of your swimwear.

When we think of lining, we think of a cheap semi-sheer material that isn't that soft - Are you with us? Choosing swimwear that uses a high quality fabric as the lining is so important because this is the fabric that is directly on your skin. To make that even better, styles that have the outer fabric as the lining fabric also will have the same amount of stretch and will therefore not roll or pull the fabric in different ways.

Finally, how do we know if the swim fabrics are actually a high quality? As a brand we are able to see all of our outstanding fabric tests, which look at abrasion, resistance to chlorine, salt water and sunlight etc. This means that we can guarantee that your swimwear will last for a lot longer than other brands. As a customer, it's difficult to be able to know this however you can always ask the brand and also look at their care advice to ensure it will last as long as possible.

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