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Article: Get Rita Ora's Swimwear Style

Get Rita Ora's Swimwear Style

Did we just see Rita Ora in our best-selling black triangle bikini? 



 Isabelle Alexander, Capri Swimwear’s Founder shared: “As soon as I saw the photo of Rita Ora I instantly recognised the distinctive rings which we have on our Sofia bikini. I couldn’t quite believe it and took straight to our social media platforms to reach out to Rita to confirm. It would be amazing to know that Rita is supporting my brand, and looking so fabulous whilst doing so”.

Capri Swimwear prides itself on not only being kind to the planet but also having the best products by designing our styles with incredible attention to detail and emphasising the wearers best features. Alongside this, our customers never see anyone in the same piece as them as all of Capri’s products are limited editions. The brand also believes that fabric makes all the difference, that’s why we state that our products will always be made from the finest sustainable materials.

With our transparent, ethical and sustainable supply chain, at Capri Swimwear we believe that we can save the world one swimsuit at a time. Capri Swimwear covers all aspects of sustainability with passion. The fabric is made from recycled fishing nets, carpet scraps and other plastics. The brand also has a fully transparent supply chain and ethically makes all styles in London. Capri Swimwear also reduces consumption with its limited manufacture.

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