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Article: Swimwear Design Flaws to Avoid

Swimwear Design Flaws to Avoid


At Capri Swimwear we are on a mission to provide the highest-quality, best fitting swimwear. For those that don't know, the technical development of all of our products are done as a mother-daughter duo. My mum, Mel has spent her whole career developing swimwear and lingerie. In other words, we know our stuff when it comes to creating high-quality swimwear so let's get into some design flaws that you need to look out for when you're next shopping.

Visible seams cause irritation and an unflattering fit. We're seeing a lot of brands with bikini bottoms that look seamless on the front but have seams on the back, which is a cheaper way of making the product. This will rub on your skin and also dig in, not a good look!

Wired bikini tops that are in the wrong place are not only unhealthy for your boobs but will also move during wear. Unless the wire is in exactly the right place it won't sit correctly against your body and will be uncomfortable and unflattering. And if you're anything like us, there is nothing worse than having to keep pulling at your bikini because it doesn't fit like a glove.

Cheap lining fabric make your swimwear more transparent and can impact the fit. If there isn't a second fabric mentioned on the care label then it's likely that the outer fabric is also used as lining. This is the best thing to look for to ensure that you're investing in good quality swimwear.

These simple tips for what to avoid and what to look for should ensure that you're buying the best quality swimwear that will be durable and make you feel unbelievable.

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