Creative Planet: Supporting Our Oceans

At In Capri Swim we are passionate about the oceans and take great pride in our fabrics being made from recovered plastics from waters all over the world. This movement of creating beauty out of waste is so positive to see, but it isn't just happening in the swimwear industry. In this interview we share with you a very different perspective of plastic pollution and support for the oceans...

This interview is in support of World Oceans Day 2020, creating a global movement by calling on world leaders to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030. Currently, the ocean covers 70% of the Earth's surface but only 2% is strongly protected from destructive or extractive activities. The 30x30 is vital to safeguard at least 30% of our ocean through a network of highly protected areas to help ensure a healthy home for marine life.


Meet Sophie, Dutch graphic design student and founder of Creative Planet, who creates amazing artworks and items out of plastic treasures! Sophie actively campaigns to make people reconsider their plastic habits by collecting all kinds of materials from the earth and ocean. The importance of this is huge as plastic pollution along with climate change are the leading threats on all marine life.

How did Creative Planet come about?

It started almost three years ago, when I was walking around on the beach I saw so much waste laying around. I started to pick it up and was shocked to see how much I collected in only two hours. My bag was filled up with fishing rope and plastic particles. I took it all home with the intention to make something new from this waste material.

When I started to look into plastic pollution, I became more aware of my own plastic use and what kind of impact it has on our environment. I’m a graphic design student so I’m always designing and creating images. I wanted to use that skill to create awareness around the plastic pollution problem.

What's your favourite piece of work from ocean waste?

After collecting so much fishing rope I experimented with reusing it in different ways. Like knitting and sewing it onto fabric. I think these kinds of experiments are my favourite work from ocean waste. Some of the fishing rope I sewed onto bags, with different patterns with the rope.

We have to ask... What is the most surprising item you have found from the ocean?

I have found so many weird things, it always makes me wonder where it came from! The amount of earbud sticks I find is crazy, lots of toys and pens. But I think the most surprising was a lonely lost dolls leg!

For people feeling like they are too small to make a difference, what do you say?

That’s a great question! Sometimes I get really frustrated when I think about how little I can do to make a difference. But when I look around me there are actually a lot of people that are doing small things, like bringing their own water bottle or reusable bag. Or companies that create sustainable products, I thinks that’s really cool. It all starts with small steps like this. I believe if you start with new habits and making more sustainable choices, you will inspire lots of people around you to do the same. Together we can have a big impact.

We love seeing your work... Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

Some time ago I started an Etsy shop, I’m working on a few new products made from ocean waste. I have also been collecting breadtags for quite some time now, I pick them up from the streets and the beach. A lot of people started to collect them for me too, I already have around 1,500 now. I’m working to turn it into a fashion piece.

Thank you Sophie for this brilliant post sharing your inspiring work. Plastic pollution is a vital topic and I'm sure this has inspired our readers to support our seas, consider consumption and maybe even participate in an ocean clean up!

Isabelle x

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