La Dolce Vita 101

Our basic introduction into 'la dolce vita' has never felt more relevant to bring some reflection and positivity. This Italian phrase is what we are continually inspired by in all aspects of our work. Put simply, 'la dolce vita' means a life of pleasure and simple luxury. Although this traditionally looks like boating days out, lying in the sun or having a beautiful lunch at the harbour, there is much more to it.

This beautiful phrase holds a deeper meaning, something quite grounding for us to reflect on. The true essence of la dolce vita is to focus on the good things in life and really indulge on the things you love. We can only begin develop a deep and profound appreciation for all the beauty and wonder that is available to us when we take the time to seek it. By paying attention to these simple pleasures we can realise that it is discovered in the simplest of things.

Here are some key steps to add 'la dolce vita' into your life from wherever you may be.

Slow Down

Embrace the slowing down of life. Release the expectations of having to do everything quickly and take the time to actually savour our actions.

Do It Once & Do It Well

Make the best choices possible for yourself, whether it’s cooking a meal or purchasing something. Investing in the best quality that is affordable for you gives you pride and confidence.

Have a Little Indulgence

Indulge your senses from time to time and don't ever feel guilty about it. Have that dessert, open a nice bottle of wine or have a pamper night.

Seek Out Beauty

Surround yourself by pretty and inspiring things and people, it's so important for your wellbeing and positivity.

Have Fun

Remember to include things in your regular daily life that are just for fun, because you can.

Appreciate The Little Things

Turn your attention to the simple things and seek out the things that soothe and uplift to your soul. Take a walk in nature, enjoy your morning coffee, stop and take your time to smell the roses.

Take What You Need

It can be easy to think the pursuit of pleasure can lead to excess. This is not the case, keep it simple but significant.

Schedule In Your 'La Dolce Vita' Time

Schedule it in, every Sunday for example, to keep 'la dolce vita' in your life. Put your favourite dress on, indulge in your favourite things, do things mindfully, purposefully, with presence.

Take Care x

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