The Importance of Earth Day

The 22nd April marks a very profound and revolutionary day.

Earth Day.

This beautiful anniversary of the Modern Environmental Movement sparked in 1970. On this date, 22nd April 2020 we marked 50 years since the birth of Earth Day, and I’d love to take a look at the last half-century of environmental action. Since 1970 we have celebrated Earth day and this year is no different. People are waking up and realising that we ought to learn and apply new ways in which we can look after and repair Mother Earth. This very special day gave rise to an emerging public consciousness about the current health of our planet. That is not to say, decades before Earth Day was introduced, people were unfortunately blissfully unaware to the environmental concerns and how a polluted environment threatens human existence. During this decade, and still to this day groups fought against oil spills, power plants, toxicity, pesticides and the loss of wilderness, to which they accomplished a rare political alignment, creating the very first United States Environmental Protection Agency that has since passed laws that have protected millions of people and species from extinction. But this wasn’t enough, and we still needed to do more…

A new decade was born, and in 1990 Earth day was a Global phenomenon. Around 200 million people across 141 countries elevated environmental issues onto the worldwide platform. This stage paved the way for the new millennium, with campaigns focused primarily on Global Warming with a huge emphasis on clean, renewable energy. Collectively, over 5000 environmental groups spread across 184 countries built both Global and Local conversations, and this in turn, leveraged power of the Internet! The year 2000 surely marked the decade that Earth Day was sending a loud and clear message; millions of people around the globe were standing up and demanding for decisive action regarding Global Warming and Clean energy, and rightly so!

Still the fight continues, 2010 Earth day approached and brought about a time in history of great difficulty for the environmental communities. People had to tirelessly contest the cynicism of Climate change whether that be the people in “power” or a disinterested public; something we still struggle with in 2020. Yet despite this potential setback for the environmental communities it must be known that Earth day engages and brings together more than 1 billion people every single year, and this has now became the foundation for the pathway of conversation around the protection of our planet and what WE individually and collectively need to do to help.

So here we are, decades later, Earth day 2020 has arrived. Something I truly believe needs to be in the forefront of our mind each and every day; the information and the science is there people, we just need to adhere to this and make lifestyle changes so that we can each make a conscious effort to restore our beautiful planet and habitat. Just remember, we don’t inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. So it is our duty to restore and continue to live in a way that reducing our global footprint and create an environment that is clean and habitable for all existence.

Of course, something that will go down in history is the COVID-19 epidemic; and whilst a very negative epidemic in nature, and although controversial, I would like to briefly talk about all the positive things this has brought about for our environment. Mother Earth has been crying out, for years, we have experienced some of the worst weathers to date, bushfires, hurricanes, tsunamis, out of control – out of our control. This should be our wakeup call; since we have all been directed to stop what we are doing, stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, stop taking frequency holidays, walk more, stay indoors more, connect with yourself more. We have all seen the headlines, we have the Earth heal itself, less pollution and toxicity in the air, countries seeing more of their land than ever before, rivers and canals becoming host to natural life, giving us a window to see the extent of the damage that has been ongoing for many decades.

The fight for a clean environment continues but this time with an increased urgency; climate change is unfortunately becoming more and more apparent every single day. We are starting to see the emerging patterns from the 1970’s between the social and cultural environments, we see the rise up happening in our youth today; they’re refusing to settle for anything less than change.

We have the power and the advantage to use social media and digital media to spark conversations, strikes, peaceful protests, to reach a global audience and join together to take Climate Change on face to face.

Thank you Victoria for this beautiful post highlighting the importance of Earth Day and the protection of our planet. We hope you all feel inspired and encouraged to support the urgency of creating a cleaner environment.

Isabelle x

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