The Story Towards Our First Collection

Here is the story of our journey towards our first collection. We love to give you as much insight into the creative process as possible. In this post we are covering every step we have taken up until this point.

JULY '19

'Try to leave this world a little better than you found it' - Robert Baden-Powell

This is the quote that really got us thinking, we decided to research on how to make a swimwear brand that is as sustainable as possible. We constantly saved and scrapbooked our ideas and inspiration and started to build mood boards.


A trip to Capri... at this point we still had no idea on the brands name but we knew its feel and identity. Once we arrived in Capri we fell in love all over again, there would be no other name but In Capri Swim.


Time to source our fabrics! We spoke to Carvico, who are a well known sustainable fabric mill with the highest quality swimwear fabrics. Instantly we knew they were the right mill for us, their products were beautiful and their environmental work is beyond incredible. You can find our more about them here. They sent us their colour cards which has cuttings of all of their stock fabrics.


A quick trip to Paris where we found our wonderful trim suppliers at a trade show. All of a sudden we had a supply base; recycled fabrics, beautiful gold trims, recyclable bra cups and sustainable rubber. We kept them as close to home as possible to minimise any unnecessary emissions in our sourcing.


After a meeting with a small factory in London we had found where our swimwear would be manufactured. Trying to create no waste product means that there are only a few places which will make the small orders that we need.


With the start of lockdown our plans for creating the collection in our designers studio by the sea were cancelled. Instead we virtually designed the shapes and decided the colour palette together.

Unfortunately our styles required a certain machine that our factory didn't have so the hunt for a new factory began.

MAY' 20

Our designs are complete and we order our components and 10m of fabric sampling in each colour (we couldn't pick between the shine or the matte fabric so we chose both). Still hunting for a factory...

JUNE '20

We found our manufacturer! After a meeting with a different factory in London we knew we had got the perfect fit, they are a small but highly skilled unit with a luxury portfolio.

JULY '20

Let the sampling begin! Our initial samples were made and we started working on getting the fit perfect... some styles just needed tweaking and others we totally altered. After that we decided on which colours each style would come in. There was no going back from this as the next samples would be used for our photoshoot. Fabric and trims for production were ordered before the August shutdown so they would be ready to go once they re-open.


Meeting with our photographer Jay to share our ideas for the shoot. Our second samples were made with our amendments and arrived 1 week ahead of the photoshoot.

We received our labelling mock-ups and decided on the printing colours.


Final preparations and set up for the photoshoot. Key moodboards for the shoot were shared with the model and team.

That's a wrap! All 2,500 photos are back and we picked out our favourite ones to use.

Samples head off on a little journey for another shoot... top secret!

Production slot booked.

Date set for our pre-launch. We're aiming for November 9th.


Our factory will start to make the graded samples, basically a small, medium and large sample in each style to make sure they fit perfectly.

We will spend time perfecting the website, visit our manufacturer and label printers during production and get ready for pre-launch!


It'll be time for your journey...

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