Why Our Pieces are Seamless

We love seamless swimwear for so many reasons, not only does it look and feel amazing but it also helps the environment. Let's explain why...

Firstly, what is seamless swimwear? It's swimwear that is made with a thin piece of rubber sewn into the inside seams in-between the outer and liner fabrics. The whole style is made inside-out and then turned back through and sewn shut. All of the seams are therefore on the inside the garment instead of next to your skin.

Seamless swimwear feels like a second-skin by supporting your natural shape instead of restricting it. There is no rubbing or digging in as each piece skims the body and conforms to your curves and natural movement, resulting in a much more comfortable and flattering fit.

All of our styles are made using one fabric. The outer luxe fabric is exactly the same as the fabric that lines the suits and sits directly on your skin. This fabric is extremely comfortable and gives more support and coverage due to the increased fabric density.

Sustainability is important to us and thankfully seamless swimwear supports the planet too! Seams that are exposed are continually rubbing against the skin, making them prone to fray the fabric. Seamless swimwear typically lasts longer because they are double lined in high-quality fabrics with completely concealed seams.